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Making Change Easy

"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche. Turns out, some people appear to experience positive change because of overcoming life crises and challenges. The things that scare us most - the uncertainty, ambiguity, the way that everything seems to be falling apart or constantly shifting - for those who are willing to embrace change, this is the very soil from which possibility is born. In this interactive session, attendees will learn the 5 pillars for making change easy and increasing personal resilience to experience more ease, grace and flow.

Leading Through Crisis and Change

Your team is looking to its top-tier leaders as role models and as rocks amidst the storm. That puts tremendous pressure on leaders. And leaders are not immune to the same fears and stress the rest of the team is affected by. The difference is, they have to lead despite them. In this highly engaging presentation attendees will get strategies for unifying and leading their teams through crisis and change.

Creating Happy, Healthy Cultures

Happy, healthy cultures retain top performers, are more agile and can withstand the complex situations you face - from strategic pivots to turnarounds to product launches to emerging markets to the effects of pandemic - because your people will stand together. Discover the keys to creating a happy, healthy culture.

Happy Healthy Leaders

Who says you can either be successful or be happy? Turns out your happiness is key to your next-level success. It's time to free yourself from the tyranny of overworking and burn out. This presentation gets at the intersection of health, wellbeing and business success and helps attendees set the foundation for a more meaningful and fulfilling personal and professional life.

*All presentations can be customized as keynotes, workshops or conference breakouts. 


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Bill Baren

The Big Shift

Lisa has an uncanny ability to tune into her audience to create transformation and to be the maestro of raising people's energy and excitement for the content.

Stacey Morgenstern

Health Coach Institute

Lisa, I think you're a rockstar. I trust you, especially how you create a container. I love your energy. I love your spirit. I love your commitment. You're such a pro.

Caterina Vaticano

Solare Events

Lisa is powerful, effective, likable and made for the stage.

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